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First and foremost, I am a Christian - a bond-servant of Christ. I am washed by His blood, shed for me 2000 years ago on a cross on Calvary. While I have attended many church denominations including Catholic, Calvary Chapel, Methodist, Southern Baptist and Christian Missionary Alliance, I claim no denominational affiliation. I am simply Christian. I have been blessed with a growing knowledge of the Scriptures since early childhood. My favorite books as a young reader were a set of comic book versions of the Bible. Since that time, the Lord has led me on a fantastic journey of discovery and Life Giving knowledge. I owe great thanks to some wonderful Pastors for much of my growth in the Word. The first Pastor that really began to open my mind to the depth of God's Word was a Calvary Chapel Pastor in Phoenix. Since that time, I have had the great pleasure to learn under many Godly men, primarily through verse-by-verse expositional teaching. Through this teaching, I have learned how to learn. And it's this process that the Spirit has used to lead me into some wonderful discoveries - which I look greatly forward to sharing with you! Finally, I have been tremendously blessed with a beautiful and Godly wife, and three incredible kids. All of my kids are strong believers, and two of them have traveled the world as ministers of the Gospel. If the Lord has given me an ultimate legacy, I believe that it is embodied in these three God-loving servants! God's blessings to you as you read and explore His Word! YouJi

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